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NLMM provides beyond the dispensary services to improve the health care experience


At NLMM, we pride ourselves in being a team of accessible providers committed to providing the best in clinical services. Need to see a travel medicine specialist for an upcoming trip? Need support managing diabetes? Want to learn more about quitting smoking? Want more resources and support for mental health? Have a loved one who wants to stay at home but is having difficulty managing their medications? We're here to help.

Diabetes Medication Management

Our unique Diabetes Medication Management Program is a dynamic method that facilitates ongoing engagement with our clients to help them achieve their wellness goals.

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COPD Medication Management

This program is a unique and valuable pharmaceutical care service. Our team are accessible heath care providers with the knowledge and skills to improve outcomes for COPD patients.

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TravelRx is the only 'all inclusive' travel health service. Partnering with local pharmacies, TravelRx provides travel advice and administers necessary vaccinations in one, quick stop.

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Mood Disorders

At the Mood Disorders Clinic, a trained, board certified, psychiatric pharmacist will optimize mood disorder drug therapy through clinical assessments and measurement based care.

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Med. Management at Home Program

Limited resources for long term care means more patients are managing medications at home. NLMM offers a home follow up service to increase medication management success.

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Housing and social support for patients diagnosed with mental illness has led to de-institutionalization and community integration. NLMM provides comprehensive clinical and medication distribution services to clients living in supported community housing. Our holistic approach, which goes beyond medication dispensing, has led to improved medication adherence, monitoring, and front-line staff satisfaction.

Wilson Pharmacy’s NLMM program has been a strong partner with the Coast Mental Health organization for over 10 years.  The program has showcased a medication error rate well below the national average.  Furthermore, the program has achieved accreditation with “exemplary standing” status from Accreditation Canada twice; in 2012 and again in 2016. Learn more about the innovative services we provide for organizations supporting community mental health housing.

Dynamic BPMH

Medication Reconciliation eliminates the gaps in communication and vastly reduces the margin of error as patients are moved between facilities or referred to new physicians.

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Pharmacy Onsite Visits

NLMM offers detailed, accurate, and thorough medication reviews with clients and caregivers to ensure medications are effective and have limited side effects. 

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Workshops and Seminars

NLMM provides high quality, informative, educational workshops and seminars for front-line staff, nurses, mental health workers, caregivers, and residents.

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Metabolic Monitoring Program

The NLMM team provides metabolic monitoring protocols, and assists the primary care provider and psychiatrist in making recommendations for metabolic syndrome.

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Leading Practice Initiatives

At Next Level Medication Management, we're all about taking control and starting new, transformative projects. Check out some of our innovative leading practice initiatives.

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