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Dynamic BPMH

Medication Reconciliation made safe, simple, and effective


Dynamic Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) is a system used by NLMM to provide ongoing medication reconciliation for clients. Medication Reconciliation eliminates the gaps in communication and vastly reduces the margin of error as patients are moved between facilities or referred to new physicians. Furthermore, it facilitates communication with other practitioners to ensure continuity between client’s family doctor and psychiatry team. Continuity is a crucial element to a patients safety and positive prognosis.

The medication reconciliation that NLMM provides is an accurate, on demand patient medication history. It is appropriately described as dynamic, as it changes according to how a clients medication regimen changes. 

Detailed information about medication changes are also logged on the clients BPMH by the NLMM team. If a medication has been discontinued, it will be documented why the medication has been discontinued. This ensures that new prescribers are aware of medications a client did not tolerate, and did not find effective, so that they are not continually prescribed.


At NLMM, medication management can be both simplifies and made safer. All at the same time. Continue reading to learn more about our philosophy.


No need for staggered communication between treatment teams;
NLMM pharmacies can manage ALL of a client’s prescribed medications.


As a client moves through different levels of care, it is imperative that all health care providers are on the same page. Having access to a patients’ up-to-date medication regimen will effectively prevent errors.

Furthermore, it also allows prescribing physicians to focus on diagnosis and treatment, without the need to constantly reconcile medications.

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