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Medication Management at Home Program

Creating a primary care "at home” health model


With an increasing elderly population, and limited resources for long term care, more patients are managing their medications at home. There is a tremendous need for a home follow up service in order to increase medication management success.

The NLMM monitoring and optimization program, provides this much needed continuous follow up service to reduce hospital admissions and increase medication management success at home.

1. Clinical Monitoring

Our team includes a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to provide clinical monitoring of chronic conditions.

  1. Cardiovascular disease: Blood pressure monitoring, hear rate monitoring, and weights/signs of edema (for patients with heart failure).

  2. Diabetes: Blood glucose monitoring (fasting and 2 hours post-prandial) and Insulin administration.

  3. Respiratory specific: Respitory rate, Spirometry (FEV1, FEV1/FVC) and Oximetry.

  4. Psychiatric: Mini-mental status exam and Delerium assessment.

2. Daily Dispensing

The Pharmacy team provides daily dispensing and medication administration services as required.

  1. Oral medication dispensing: Daily dispense and witness ingestion, compliance packaging, and vials.

  2. Additional medication administration required: Injections (including Insulin(s), LMWH, and DMARD's), eye drops, patches, inhalers, an topical products.

3. Recommending

The NLMM team of clinical pharmacists provide medication recommendations based on the clinical monitoring data received from the LPN and the patients medications/medical history.

Too many medications and lack of knowledge regarding medication use play a role in non-adherence. The NLMM pharmacy team circumvents this issue with comprehensive education about medications for patients, their caregivers and their families.

The NLMM team also simplifies medication regimens with consolidated dosing times, and if appropriate de-prescribing unnecessary medications.

Patient monitoring data is reviewed in light of their medication regimen. The pharmacy team will make ongoing clinical interventions for patients enrolled in the program.


In addition to the above, the NLMM Pharmacy team will provide the following services to ensure optimal outcomes for patients on the clinical home follow up service.

  1. Generating up-to-date patient friendly medication lists.

  2. Addressing concerns identified with the patient or prescriptions with the prescriber.

  3. Preforming Comprehensive Medication Reconciliation during patient transitions of care (hospital admission/discharge).

  4. Disease specific interventions (Insulin adjustments for hypo/hyperglycemia, COPD action planning, fall prevention).

  5. Increased monitoring of high‐risk medications (Warfarin, Anti-platelet agent, Digoxin, Insulin, oral hypoglycemic).

  6. Recommending low cost alternative (LCA) medications and advocating for special authority where appropriate.


Below delineates what services are included in each package and the corresponding cost to the patient.

Bronze Program

Cost to the patient is based on their fair Pharmacare and/or third party deductible for medications. There is no additional charge to the patient.

  1. Daily delivery and witnessing of patient taking oral medications (once daily)

  2. Instilling eye drops

  3. Administering Inhalers

  4. Administering transdermal patches

  5. Blood pressure monitoring (every 3 months)

  6. Blood Glucose monitoring (weekly)

  7. Medication review (every 1-3 months)

Silver Program

Silver Program additional home care services are at an additional charge, based on the type(s) of services required by the patient.

  1. Daily delivery and witnessing of patient taking oral medications (more than once daily) - $600/mo

  2. Insulin injection - $20/mo*

  3. Blood Glucose monitoring (daily) - $55/visit*

  4. Weights (for patients with Congestive Health Failure) - $55/visit*

  5. Daily injections - $20/injection*

  6. Weekly injections/ Biweekly injections - $20/injection*

  7. Dressing changes - $50/hour**

  8. Foot care - $55/hour**

*Services are included for patients on a Bronze Program.

**Available at a reduced charge if patient is on a Bronze Program.

Gold Program

Gold Program additional home care services are at an additional charge, based on the type(s) of services required by the patient.

  1. Clinical Chaperoning (licenced nurse to transport and accompany patient to physician visits and health care appointments) - Pricing available upon request

  2. Comprehensive Nursing services – Pricing available upon request

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