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Mood Disorders Clinic

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At the NLMM Mood Disorders clinic, a trained board certified psychiatric pharmacist will optimize mood disorder drug therapy through structured clinical assessments and measurement based care.

Initial Consultation: 30 min

During the initial consultation our board certified psychiatric pharmacist will review all of your health and medication information. A baseline psychiatric assessment will be conducted, along with a pharmacogenomics testing to see how your body metabolizes medication.

Recommendations on the best medication for you will be sent to your physician. The pharmacist will also provide recommendations to manage side effects, resources for psychotherapy, and an individualized treatment plan based on your goals of therapy.

The initial consultation (including DNA testing) costs $270.

  1. Goals of the therapy

  2. Validated measurement tools to monitor progress

  3. Provide recommendations to manage side effects

  4. Personalized Pharmacogenomic Testing to customize treatment

Follow-up Consultation: 15 min

Follow up appointments take place at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, and then every 3 months there after.

Follow up appointments to keep your individual goals on track.  Recommendations to your doctor about how best to adjust your dose, and a review of your health and nutrition for a holistic approach. The follow up consultations cost $15 each.

  1. Provide recommendations to optimize treatment

  2. Validated measurement tools to monitor progress

  3. Review sleep, nutrition, additional medications

  4. Education about online resources for mood disorders

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In Canada 1 in 20 individuals, each year, experience major depressive disorders (MDD).  With only half of those with depression receiving minimally adequate antidepressant therapy, additional Supports and alternative modes of access are needed. Minimally adequate therapy for depression consists of at least 12 weeks of antidepressant medication therapy, and 4 or more sessions of counselling or psychotherapy.

Unfortunately, antidepressant medication prescriptions are either not picked up at the pharmacy, or not refilled after the first prescription. This is due to side effects of the medication, and/or a lack of response to the medication. Furthermore, health care providers responsible for diagnoses and subsequent follow-ups are frequently inaccessible for a continuing, individualized assessment. When they are available, they often lack the time to provide a thorough assessment of a patient’s progress.

The NLMM Mood Disorders service hopes to address the disconnect seen between physician and patients with respect to mood disorders, and to personalize medication therapy in order to optimize outcomes.