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Outreach Education Program

A TravelRx service for groups travelling together abroad


Travel Rx provides comprehensive and convenient services to groups travelling abroad. The concept of learn together, stay healthy together, allows travellers to aid one another while abroad to ensure safe and healthy travels. With high quality group educational sessions, onsite immunizations, and medication delivery service – gone are the days where individuals have to book appointments at travel clinics and manage medications on their own.

The Service Package

Marketed to groups of 10-50 travellers to a common destination, the service package includes:

  1. 30-40 minute destination specific presentation on risk factors and health protection, followed by Q and A.

  2. Individual risk assessments based on medical history, medications, and immunization history.

  3. Vaccinations administered onsite.

  4. Medications to be delivered to travellers at their next group meeting, or to the travelers home address prior to departure.

  5. Travel health kit order form for travel essentials such a mosquito repellents, sunscreen, and over the counter medications.

  6. Post travel follow up service. We coordinate referrals to tropical medicine and infectious disease specialists if needed.

  7. Secure and comprehensive record keeping. We remind you to come into our pharmacy locations for a booster vaccination.

  8. Lifetime membership to TravelRx is free after an initial consultation fee. No consultation fee’s for future travels.

The Team

Your group deserves the best education before travelling abroad, that's why our team includes:

  1. Pharmacists certified in Travel Health.

  2. Educational course coordinator for the travel medicine course at the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

  3. Outreach Licensed Practical Nurses.

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“Learn Together, Stay Healthy Together Abroad”