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Pharmacy Onsite Visits

Pharmacist onsite to help directly with the client and staff medication experience


In conjunction with ongoing medication reconciliation, NLMM also provides a pharmacist for site visits to benefit both clients and staff. Having a pharmacist present onsite ensures medications are being used effectively and provides continuous monitoring of the medication experience. Prior to visiting the facility, the NLMM pharmacist has “clinically reviewed” the dynamic BPMH of each client. This facilitates Medication reviews with clients and caregivers to ensure medications are effective and have limited side effects.

A summary of the weekly site visits is below. To learn more, visit Leading Practice Initiatives.

  1. Pharmacist onsite to review medications with staff and clients

  2. Pharmacist provides onsite support to front-line staff with the medication program

  3. Pharmacist available for consultation to answer any medication-related questions the client may have.

For Clients

Pharmacist lead onsite visits allow for an opportunity to connect with a front-line health care practitioner. Medication related questions and concerns can be answered by the pharmacist. Prior to engaging with the client, the NLMM pharmacist clinically reviews the dynamic BPMH and discusses potential issues (if applicable) about a clients medication regimen. 

In addition to providing medication advice, the pharmacist can communicate recommendations to a client’s prescriber, and connect the client to valuable health resources and services.

For Staff

For staff, a pharmacist is present once a week to answer questions regarding the medication program. The pharmacist can clarify dosing instructions and provide guidance to staff to ensure drug use is tracked and utilized effectively. Inservices on pharmacotherapy and medication management for staff provides valuable education and resources to improve confidence and skill in distributing medications.

The goal of NLMM is to reduce the medication management and distribution “burden” on staff so they can be free to connect with clients and provide social support.

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