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TravelRx is the first of its kind, an “all inclusive” travel health service. By partnering with community pharmacies, TravelRx is able to provide both travel advice and administer the necessary vaccinations to travelers in one quick stop. Did you know that a Pharmacist can dispense and administer vaccines? In addition, Pharmacists certified in travel health can recommend and administer travel vaccinations based on your travel itinerary. Not only can you get your travel supplies and medications, but your vaccinations too!

TravelRx is all about affordability, accessibility, and adding to the safety of your travels. The pharmacy is fully equipped to order and administer a large selection of travel vaccinations. Travel health consulting pharmacists are trained in fully trained in travel health, and will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable journey.

Are you part of a group travelling abroad? Learn how the TravelRx Outreach Education Program can properly prepare your team for it's upcoming trip. Through the program you get a 40 minute presentation, individual risk assessments, vaccines, medications delivered to you, travel health kit order forms, post travel follow up service, comprehensive record keeping, and lifetime membership to TravelRx. Visit the Outreach Education Program to learn more.

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Over 80 million people travel annually from developed to developing countries, illustrating the human appetite for exploration and adventure. While travel can bring many novel experiences, it can also be a risk for contracting illness and disease. Most will take the time to construct an elaborate travel itinerary, but few take the time to seek pre-travel health advice. As demonstrated by a recent outbreak of 29 cases of Acute Hepatitis A in Tulum, Mexico. In the reported outbreak none of the patients had received pre-travel vaccination.

One of the main reasons why people don’t seek pre-travel advice is due to accessibility. It is difficult to find knowledgeable travel health providers in a convenient location. Designated “travel clinics” can be difficult to access, due to either location or availability. That's why TravelRx was created to help you easily and conveniently get your travel medication and advice in the same location. Visit TravelRx now to book an appointment.