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Workshops and Seminars

High quality seminars and workshops for front-line staff


NLMM provides educational workshops and seminars throughout the lower mainland on topics related to medications and their side effects. These workshops are available to front-line staff, nurses, mental health workers, caregivers, and residents. Seminars and workshops focus on the medication aspect of a particular disease topic. Emphasis is placed on providing education in order to optimize drug therapy for clients. In addition to increase awareness of medication side effects in order to facilitate identification and management.

Structure of the presentations is an interactive didactic lecture complete with power point slides and visuals. Workshops consist of both a didactic component, and group activities based on case studies and lecture content.

Seminars and Presentations: 1-2 hrs

  1. Respiratory disorders (Asthma and COPD): Reviewing Diagnosis, Pathophysiology, and treatment options for two common respiratory diseases.

  2. Methadone maintenance: Methadone pharmacokinetics, dosing, and legislation.

  3. Metabolic Syndrome: What is metabolic syndrome? Diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment options.

  4. Concurrent Disorders: Managing comorbid psychiatric and substance use disorders in patients. Diagnosis and treatment tips.

  5. Hepatitis C: Diagnosis, treatment options, and medication management strategies.

Workshops: 2-4 hrs

  1. Psychotropic drugs: Medications used to treat psychiatric conditions, their side effects, and clinical tips.

  2. Pain management: Distinguishing between acute vs chronic, nociceptive vs neuropathic pain. Treatment options, opioid addiction, and pain management strategies.

  3. Diabetes: Diagnosis, Pathophysiology, and treatment options for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

  4. Cardiovascular disease: What is cardiovascular risk? Measuring risk based on a Framingham risk score which takes into account high blood pressure, dyslipidemia, and smoking status. Treatment options, and diet and lifestyle advice.

  5. Antiretroviral (ARV) medications: About the HIV virus, its lifecycle, infection rates and epidemiology. Treatment options, their side effects and accessibility in BC.

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